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BNSF Railroad: Warren Buffet's Train Set

BNSF Railroad,owned by Warren Buffet, is a leading freight transport company that is composed of nearly four hundred different railroads. It is considered one of the largest freight railroad networks in the United States. The BNSF Railroad was created over one hundred sixty years ago and now spans over twenty-eight states, even reaching into three Canadian provinces. The name BNSF came to be in 1995 and stemmed from the original name of the Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway.

BNSF Railroad started in 1849 with only twelve miles of track. Today, the railroad spans over thirty-two thousand five-hundred miles, with eighty-nine tunnels and thirteen thousand bridges. BNSF maps show it spans across the United States, into Mexico and Canada.

BNSF Railroad ships a vast array of products in a timely manner. Approximately fifty million packages are shipped on time during the holiday season. Industrial products,coal, agricultural commodities, clothing, food, fertilizer, consumer goods and many other products are transported across the country by trains on the BNSF Railroad. BNSF Railroad has generated tens of thousand of jobs in the United States. The company presently consists of more than forty-eight thousand employees. BNSF offers a vast array of jobs, so there is something for every career level. Job categories include professional, mechanical, administrative, train crew and more. BNSF offers a military training program. This revolutionary company has been hiring veterans since the Civil War era. BNSF also offers college recruitment programs, including a Management Training Program and Summer Internship Program.

BNSF Railroad has helped create an economical boost. In 2014 alone, the operating revenue was approximately $23 billion. 2.3 million coal shipments were hauled by BNSF in 2015. That's enough coal to power one in every 10 homes in the United States. In 2015, BNSF hauled nine hundred thousand carloads of agricultural commodities and transports enough grain to supply a year's worth of bread to ninety million people. Accoridng to safety records, railroads are the safest way to transport toxic hazmat shipments.

At BNSF, safety always comes first. Railroads have the lowest injury and accident rate of all modes of transportation in the United States. BNSF Railroad and its employees work every day towards remaining an injury-free and accident-free workplace. For years, it has maintained the lowest grade crossing incident rate. Not only does BNSF remain a safe place to work, it also strives to remain environmentally safe, protecting the air, land and water around us.

BNSF Railroad has received many awards throughthe years. In 2013, it was ranked number thirteen for "Best 4 Vets Employers and in 2015 ranked in the top one hundred military friendly employers. BNSF was ranked in the top one hundred best places to work in IT in 2014 and 2015.

Trains are fascinating to many people. BNSF Railroad is just as fascinating. This company built its way from the bottom to the top and has remained there. This company ensures goods make their way across the country in a safe, environmentallyfriendly, efficient way. It employs thousands across the nation and helps support the economy.

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